Friday, 27 July 2012

Star card book update

As promised - here is a quick update of the Star Card Book that I am making for a friends birthday present.

I have had all my papers and glues and punches and goodness knows what all over the dining room table all week and as a result we haven't been able to eat at the table. Our Chinese student likes to sit at a table to eat and won't eat with us on the couch - which the others are thoroughly enjoying - and disappears into her room to eat at her desk. In order to prove that we do have some table manners - I finished up the messy parts of this card (the bits that require glue, glitter and scrap bits of paper spread all over the place) and cleaned up the kitchen table after a ten and a half hour day at work. (And then we went and got takeaways as I couldn't face cooking a single thing else)

She has just informed us that she is off to the "Golden Coast" for the weekend with the school for a cultural excursion - Ah well, I really should've cleaned up a bit earlier in the week anyway.

Anyway - these are the inserts for the card - all I need to do now is print out and attach the quotes, memories and photos and stick them on to the pages or the tags.

The stamps pull out and have a longer bit of card in the slot.
 I will name the places we have been to together on them

This tag will refer to a few birthday parties we have had on the back!

The left hand page will have a photo - the right will have some memory joggers on them!

Do you like my we envelope? I'm quite pleased with that one!

The paper used on the left tag is the paper that she wrapped my last birthday present in!
Plainer pages for more somber memories...
 Actually - now I think about it - I still have the covers to make too...?! Maybe I will take over the BBQ table since the rain seems to have stopped for a few days...


Gladys in the said...

Such a lovely idea, really lovely. You friend will love it. x

Practical Frog said...

I hope so! I have seen other memory/keepsake type card/albums and loved the idea myself - Since she is turning 40 it seems like the right time to make and give it to her! - K xx

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