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Photo Friday - Yellow

Sunset in the trees down at the dam when I walked the dog in the weekend...
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Setting fertile eggs under a broody hen... our experiance!

We love our chickens and the great variety of eggs that they lay. We have thought about breeding chickens on and off over the years and have spent time with some local breeders and envy their setups and what they can do.  However, we live in suburbia and we have great neighbours... So having a rooster hasn't been an option for us if we want to keep our great neighbours!.

Just recently I texted my husband a picture of Rain, one of our Arucana Chooks who goes broody with monotonous regularity (like every time she lays an egg!) and pointed out that our green egg supply was in danger of diminishing again as her mothering hormones had kicked in again..

 He texted back, "Why don't you put fertile eggs under her?" Why I hadn't thought of that idea before is beyond me but it took about 2.4 seconds to decide that that was a fabulous idea and I hit the internet to see who would sell me fertile eggs and get them to me as quick as possible.

We have never set eggs under a br…

Photo Friday - Rural

Relics in an old milking shed in Queensland, Australia.
Taken on a holiday last year on a working farm, we wandered into this old shed where they collected all the old equipment and stored it. They called it their "museum" and it was full of interesting bits and pieces. I had a ball in here with my camera!

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How to harvest and process coffee from your home grown coffee tree!

A few years ago I got a coffee tree for my birthday. it languished in a pot for a year or so before we planted it out in the garden and it decided that it liked it there and started growing and flowering! I'm not a coffee drinker but once those bright red coffee cherries started to appear, I wondered if I could make my own coffee.  I looked around on the internet, reckoned it could be done and decided to give it a go and see what happened - Here's what I did...  First I waited until the vast majority of cherries were ready (the fruit of the coffee bean tree are called cherries - the beans are the seed inside). My tree is Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee). The other most common type is Coffea canephora (Robusta coffee). Arabica trees normally produce berries 8-15 mm in diameter, and Robusta produces berries a more consistent 10 mm in diameter. Commercially, Robusta isn't considered as good as Arabica coffee and is used mainly as a filler in instant coffee blends. 
I sp…
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