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Home made freezer lables - find what you need easily!

Its the beginning of the year and I'm trying to have a sort out of things, clean and to organise the house - why I choose summer to this is due only to New Years coinciding with summer holidays and the time to do it. I'm sure sorting out the house is better done in Winter - but I digress!

I have an upright drawer freezer which I love much more than my wee chest freezer (that sadly went to the great icebox in the sky a year or so ago) but I have a small issue with it - I spend a lot of time looking for things, opening and closing drawers and cursing the people who put the ice cream away in a different drawer each time they get it out!

In a fit of organising last week - I decided to label the drawers and solve a few dilemmas at once!

Here's what I did...

I went to the freezer and did an inventory of what I store in my freezer - then used a computer to print labels out on a sheet of A4. I made doubles of things like bread and meat (and misc!)

I made two columns on the A4 por…

Telling mobile chargers apart!

In our house there are a couple of favoured charging points for phones - one inside and one outside on the patio where we spend a lot of time!

Occasionally some one will pinch a cord to download onto their computer or because they don't know what happened to their cord and its quicker to "borrow" one than to look for their own.

It drives me insane not to be able to charge my phone because I cant find the cord and so last week I decided that enough was enough and I was going to put an end to the cable "borrowing" for once and for all!

Here's what I did...

All I did was cut a piece of purple ribbon and tape it to the end of the charging cable where is goes into the charger.

And another around the end that goes into the phone... 

And since I was on a roll I popped some ribbon around a bread tag and attached it to the cord. (This is also great for plug boards where you aren't sure what's attached to what cord) I defy my family to tell me they didn'…

Photo Friday - Movement!

Movement.  Water sprays off our dog after a late afternoon swim one afternoon down at the dam!

 Contribution to Photo Friday. Click on the link and see what others have posted!

Green and Gold Nomia - Interesting Australian Native Bees!

While walking the dog down at the dam a few months ago I saw all these insects, that I thought were possibly bees, clambering all over a couple of stems of grass. I had nothing to capture images of this spectacle with me except my phone (and that couldn't focus on small insects on grasses that were waving in the wind!) so a week or so ago when I saw it again and had my camera on me, I took a few million photos and bought them home hoping to identify them.

I decided they were bees - they looked like a blue banded bee but different...

I ended up sending a few pictures to Nick at Australian Native Bees  and asking him what he
A. thought they were and
B. what he thought they were doing!

He said they were likely to be drones waiting for the mating flight of a queen in a nest somewhere - sort of a bee bucks party!

 He mailed me back a few hours later and said that a bee mate of his had identified them as Green and Gold Nomia's (Lipotriches Australica)- an Australian Native bee!


Photo Friday - Winter colours

Winter Colours  Whilst here in the sub-tropics it doesn't get cold per say, its nice to sit by a fire on a winters evening and enjoy the ambience and maybe a tipple to keep my toes warm!

 Contribution to Photo Friday. Click on the link and see what others have posted!

Roasting, grinding and drinking your own home grown coffee beans!

I got a coffee tree for a birthday a few years ago and after letting it languish in a pot for too many moons, we moved it into the garden whereby it did decide to live and grew really well. I harvested the cherries, extracted the beans and got them to the "green bean" stage (link to this post here) From there, all I have to do is roast the beans, grind them and turn them into coffee - That's what this post is about!

Here's what I did...

I ended up doing all this at a cafĂ© owned by a friend under the watchful eye of her Barista as I'm not a coffee drinker and don't have a clue how its all meant to end up! We decided to roast the beans on the stove top as it was easier to control and we could see (and photograph) and control every step of the way.

With the pot on a gas cook top set to a medium heat, we constantly stirred the beans to make sure we were getting an as even roast as possible.

It took a surprisingly long time for the beans to colour up. May be an h…
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