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Photo Friday - Tranquil

Tranquil. Late afternoon at the swimming hole. Silent and peaceful after the kids have gone home.

 Contribution to Photo Friday. Click on the link and see what others have posted!

Extreme Composting - What can't you compost??

We are reasonably avid composters at house. What isn't fit for the chickens goes into a bucket in the kitchen and then makes it into the compost heap. We pop in our grass clippings mixed with leaves and most of our weeds and all the things that normal people put into a compost heap.

I was at a gardening club meeting a week or so ago and in their library I saw a book called "Extreme Composting" by a guy called David the Good and picked it up - completely intrigued by the title!

I thought we had composting sorted in our house but it seems you can take composting to a whole new level!

In the book he does cover all sorts of composting - worm composting, melon pit composting, banana circle composting, compost crops, cow manure composting, sheet composting, chicken manure composting, and humanure composting. So if there is a type of composting that you have always wanted to know about and or try, its in here! But its not a technical read... Its a romp and a rant about composti…
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