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Make your own flavoured black tea at home!

I love a cup of tea! I've never been a coffee drinker and as I've got older (and have a bit more pay in my pocket) I've moved on from the 500 teabags for $2 type cuppa to more sophisticated brews with added flavourings.

I prefer the Earl Grey over the English Breakfast and I'm very, very fond of the Lady Grey. For a while there was a Russian Earl Grey in the local Woolworths that we really loved and it disappeared from the shelves never to be seen again before we could stock up on it.

When we go into the city, we stop at the local T2 or Tea Centre and stock up on exotic smelling teas that are just divine (albeit not very frugal). I have bought flavoured teas online, from market stalls and from small shops that come and go around the area.

I've dabbled in making your own Chai tea from scratch which works well if you have the time and aren't expecting the type of chai tea you will get in a tea bag.

One day, when reading the ingredients list on the back of a tea …
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