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Moving House - Our Experience!

Recently we made a move from suburbia Brisbane to a smaller house an hour an a half away in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Its absolutely stunning up here and we love it.

Its been well worth the hard work of moving.

I hadn't shifted for well over a decade, and not for nearly 27 years in the case of my husband and so it was quite a feat to downsize, declutter and work out what we were really going to need and what we thought we might need when we had such a large collection of "stuff".

Now I've done it, I would do the next move a bit differently... but like a mother who has just given birth, Im not so keen to do it again in the foreseeable future!

Here's what I did (and what I'd do next time)...

As soon as you know you are going to move, try to plan how you think you are going to live. A bit more detail at this stage would have influenced some of the decisions we made about what to pack and take and what not too.

Ask your self / spouse/ family questions like,
How …
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