Monday, 23 January 2012

Book Review - How to clean practically anything - Sydney Pemberton

I'm a bit frugal when it comes to replacing things - preferring to fix, repair or live with something until it falls to bit on me (Like my lucky interview shoes that fell apart when I got out of the car after the interview!) So when visiting the library one day when I saw a copy of "How to clean practically anything" I thought I'd take it home and have a flick through it.

This book is about taking the guesswork out of cleaning walls, clothes, toys, antiques, the windows or whatever it is that you have decided you need to clean but aren't sure how. 
Its a good reference book to have lying around to refer to when you are taking a punt rather than are confident about what you are doing. For me, its a back up. I think I know how to deal with bubble gum stuck to the side of a shoe but cant remember which oil to use; tea tree or Eucalyptus. (Its Eucalyptus for the record) And it turns out that if you can stick the item in the freezer for a few minutes, the gum is even easier to get off!
Sydney has written another book for Choice Books (The independent not-for-profit consumer watchdog group that also publishes Choice magazine) called "How to cook practically anything".

The sort of things that Sydney covers in this book are:
  • Getting organised - cleaning calenders, equipment, products and rubbish and recycling tips
  • A how to clean room by room guide
  • How to clean individual items: Furniture, windows, walls, doors and ceilings
  • Outside: Furniture, gardening equipment, pets paraphernalia
  • Precious Items
  • Washing and Ironing
  • Spills and stain removal guide
  • A run down on commercial cleaning products
  • And recipes for home made cleaning products!
This is the sort of book for people who want to save money, rescue a precious or expensive item from ruination or simply a guide to help you with both the everyday cleaning tasks as well as to help you work out what cleaning tactic to use for what situation.

Sydney conveys all her tips and hints in a concise, easy to read and understand manner and there are index's and alphabetical guides to products, stains and spills as well as information about what NOT to do!!! (Very useful!)

Great book for the reference shelf - but remember to consult it before you start the cleaning job!

Title: How to Clean Practically AnythingAuthor: Sydney Pemberton
Publisher: Choice Books
Date of Publication: 2nd edition 2004
Number of pages: 160

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