Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cleaning your toilet - the green way!

I have been slowly moving my way to greener cleaners around the house and last week the loo came under scrutiny. I have no trouble keeping the outside clean nor the seat and cistern. The inside of the bowl is no real problem but there is this horrible buildup of, well who wants to contemplate that really, right at the bottom - almost out of sight on the bendy bit. (in the spirit of sparing your delicate senses - I have not included photos in this post!)

I have had numerous scrubs at it, used a number of proprietary cleaners on it but nothing seems to shift it.

I was looking through a book called Express House Cleaning and it reckoned that denture tablets were the way to go. Not having any of them in the house I moved onto the next suggestion and Voila - it worked!

Here's what I did...

Its almost too easy for words... I dumped a big handful of Bi-carb into the bottom of the loo after everyone had left the house for the day, gave it a bit of a scrub, added a big slash of white vinegar and went to work.

When I got home I gave it another scrub and a flush - and it was more or less gone! A couple of treatments and I have a shiny white loo - inside and out!

No fumes, no bleach and no fuss!

I think the trick is the amount of time you can leave it. The longer the better. Overnight didn't work for me - we have too many nocturnal loo users as it turns out!!

Score card:
Green-ness: Good Green Cleaning! Bi-carb is the poster product of green cleaning!
Frugal-ness: At a $1.67 for 500g - I reckon its a bargain
Time cost: 30 seconds to pop the Bi-carb in and 8 hours to do its thing. 
Skill level: Easy Peasy!
Fun -ness: A sparkling loo is more of a novelty than fun at the moment!

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