Monday, 9 July 2012

A long weekend of good wine and great friends!

A friend of ours had a big birthday this weekend (ended in 0 and had a 5 in it as well!) and decided to invite a group of friends from all over the country to join him for the weekend in the small country town of Yass, just outside Canberra. (And what else is kinda nice about this celebration is that I met my husband ten years ago at the same persons 40th birthday party!)

Oh Boy was it cold for the Queenslanders!!!???

We arrived on Friday to what seemed to me to be a very chilly but sunny day at Canberra airport and jumped into a rental car and made our way to Yass.  We meet with a few other guests and the birthday boy and spent the afternoon getting to know each other over wine and cheese at the hotel. It was a lovely way to spend and afternoon!

The weekends plans involved a lunch at a winery (much poshness) and a Christmas in July themed dinner at the Hotel in front of the fire. We also went for a drive in the country, found some farmers markets and went on a cave tour (and drank waaaaaay to much wine!) Despite needing about 15 layers of clothes to stick my nose out of the hotel room - I had a great time!

A Frosty first morning in Yass - incredibly fascinating for the tropical visitors!
The Yass Farmers markets at St Augustine's Hall - see me (with the white bag) buying nice thick woolly sox on the left of the photo?

My brand new long woollen Yass bought sox to keep my tootsies nice and warm!

Yummy lunch at "Flint in the Vines" winery near Yass.

Silver and glass birthday table!

The Christmas in July table - before image!

Morning two was misty and very cold! Absolutely fascinating  once again for the northern dwelling guests!

A drive in the country gave us lots of photo opportunities...

Careys cave at Wee Jasper - great fun!

Picnic spot at the "pub" at Wee Jasper

Happy Birthday Stu!

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