Sunday, 26 August 2012

Need more room in the bathroom? - Cover the bath!

We have the worlds smallest bathroom - I'm sure of it. Not only do we have the world smallest bathroom, we have the worlds smallest bath. For many years we have not really used that bath. My husband is too long for it  - he 6'4, the teenager doesn't bathe full stop and I'm too fat to lie in it fully covered with hot water!

For our current family configuration - we don't really need a bath.

So I decided to get rid of it....

Here's what I did...

I went over to the neighbours and cut down (with her permission of course) about five big huge bamboo poles from her big huge bamboo clump. (She encourages all her neighbours to come and harvest bamboo at anytime) and I bought it home and cut it into poles the length of the bath.

And then I bought them inside and laid them on the bath like thus!

They don't cover the taps - they just slot under them.

I know that under all the bamboo the dust will gather and it will be full of the usual bathroom guff but at least I can't see it. I hated cleaning a bath that no one used but everyone could see collecting dust and hair.

The last pole was a bit short. Rather than go and cut another one down, I just slotted an off cut of one of the smaller ones into the end to make it the length that I needed!

So now I have a platform that is strong enough to sit on (oops, I meant to pick up that towel...)

Or I can put a chest of drawers (there aren't any others in the bathroom), a plant and a towel rail on there instead!

I have big plans for this bathroom this summer, so for us, this is a temporary fix. The house is sixty years old along with the associated plumbing and some of the fixtures. I hoping to rip it all out and start again - as soon as its warm enough to shower under the hose for a few weeks!

I have some baskets I'm hoping to use instead of those plastic drawers but here in Queensland, the mould is hard to keep under control in places like bathrooms so I'm not sure how well baskets of towels would go in this spot...

At any rate - I don't have to clean the bath anymore so I'm happy!

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for not using a bath and wasting all that water! And for helping the neighbour get rid of a noxious weed!
Frugal-ness: 5/5 Cost me a bit of blood sweat and tears but no cash was spent in the making of this project!
Time cost: Probably an hour and a half - cutting bamboo with a handsaw isn't a walk in the park - don't ask me about getting it upstairs and along the hall way and into the bathroom either please!
Skill level: Measuring and sawing!
Fun -ness: Great fun not to have to see the dirt anymore (Yes - I know its there but I can't see it!)

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