Thursday, 23 August 2012

Some easy to make 50th birthday invitations

I just found the photos of the invitations for the 50th Birthday party we went to recently and thought I would share the process with you.

I love handmade individual invitations and get a bit of a buzz out of making them. These ones I tried not to make to "girly' as they were for a gentleman's big day so I was aiming for simple, winter, slightly Christmas-y with a bit of a sparkle.

These ones are nice and simple and could be adapted to any slightly more formal occasion or brightened up for less formal ones!

Here's what I did...

First - cut your card to the shape of your envelope. You should be able to get three slices out of an A4 card that fit into a standard business envelope. Choosing a size that has a standard envelope saves a lot of tears (and cost at the Post Office) later on.

There are a "Christmas in July" themed invite with a "snow/cold' feel to them - The background I am using is a plastic $2 tablecloth I got from Crazy Clarkes. I have chopped it up and used it for many things...
I glued on a piece that went roughly 2/3 of the way down.

Then I cut paper doilies in half and glued them on as well.

And then added a handmade snowflake  over the top giving layers of white on white on frosted light green for that frosted snowy winter feel.

I cut (ok I got my sick husband to cut) out all these 50's from some wrapping paper. I would have preferred silver but I simply couldn't find any. I thought silver would go better with the white - but this looked fine in the end.

I turn my invitations into a production line to make sure that I have enough bits and pieces to finish as many invites as I need (plus a few more... You always end up needing more)

Then I cut out the parts for the wording on the front. Again, layers on layers...

Giving me this sort of effect.

And once they are all together - this is what I ended up with!

Like snowflakes, they were all individual as they were all handmade with a different snowflake on each one. All the info for the party was simply typed up on the computer and stuck to the back with a border around it to show the colour of the invite. The table was done up in greens and whites and place tags were just a variation on the part that says "celebrate" on the invitation.

If I was going to do a jazzy, more colourful version of these, I would try painting or dying the doilies a bright colour as well as using brighter backgrounds. I know you can get gold and silver doilies which would be fun to use as well.

The link I used to learn to make six sided paper snowflakes is here and the page I used to get ideas for snowflake shapes is here.

Happy Invitation making!

Score card:
Green-ness: 3/5 Making invites is greener than buying them but plastic is defiantly not green. Waste plastic would have been ok but buying plastic for a project is not.
Frugal-ness: Reasonably cheap as the parts were $2 each and I made over 20 of these with bits left over for other projects. (Plastic table cloth $2, Doilies $2 Wrapping paper with 50 on it $2. Each A4 paper .84c)
Time Cost: Around an hour and a half. Once you know what you want to do - its pretty quick.
Skill level: Once again - cutting and pasting (Two of my favourite activities!)
Fun -ness: Great fun to make and even more fun when the birthday boy approved!


Lois said...

That looks so time consuming,but it turned out great. I probably would have wanted to use silver paper as well, but think in the end it turned out better without the silver, it makes the numbers really pop

childrens party supplies said...

Wonderful birthday invitation! I like your idea, thanks for the tips!

Practical Frog said...

The first one is a bit of a hassle as you decide what you actually want and check that you have enough peices to make it the way you want to. But then its a production line and thats what makes 'em quicker - get the first one sorted and youre away. I'd like to have found silver 50's but 50 is a golden anniversary so everything is gold (took me a while to work out why i couldnt find 'em in silver!) - K xx

alice brown said...

My dad is going to turn 50 next month I'd like some ideas for invitation as well as some nice 50th birthday invitation wording. Thanks for sharing ideas!

Cheers xxxx

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