Saturday, 4 August 2012

Star card update two - finishing touches!

I have been working on the star card - which is just as well as the birthday is next weekend! I'm aiming for an adult pop up book that provokes memories and expresses feelings.

These are some of the friendship tags that go in pockets of some sort or another.

The cover - with 2 lots of ribbons. I ended up cutting one set off as it was too much foof when it was tied up.

The back and front covers. I ended up putting in some small gold brads in the corners to hold the 4 layers together. It was hard to get it to stick on the bend created by the layers - hence the need for the brads.

Next time I would probably make the covers first and stick the onto the original star before I started on the inside at all. That way, the next layers would not be putting extra pressure on it and they could be used to hide the strengthening.

I used bulldog clips and paper clips to hold the finished inserts (which were quite heavy) to the pages while the glue set.

Some of these images wont flip - so turn your head or screen to see it properly.
Some of the finished inserts - I still have to stick a photo on the decorated page without a tag on it.

Looking down at the star card as a book - the pages won't go (and arent intended) to be flat.

Tied into a star... Left page still too have a photo stuck to it.

And some more pages!

That was great fun - A huge amount of work - but so worth it!


Lois said...

This is beautiful, a home made gift is so much more valuable than anything store bought.

Practical Frog said...

Thank you! I enjoyed making it and cant wait to give it to her! - K xx

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