Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Glorious Chicken Day!

I have been wanting to get some chickens that lay eggs with different coloured shells for a while. I had thought about breeding chooks for a while and as much as that would be lots of fun... I'm not sure I could deal with the surplus males. And we have great neighbours that I don't want to annoy with a rooster, so, really, that leaves me with egg production.

At the Ekka I fell in love with all the different coloured eggs in the egg competition and decided that that was the way to go.

So yesterday I got two Arcana's from a wonderful lady called Julie. These two should lay the greeny-blue tinted eggs when they start laying in a month or so.

The light one is called Breeze and the darker one Misty -  to keep with my meteorological theme of naming my chookies!

I have got them in the big cage  with the other chooks but in a smaller chicken tractor pen so they can see each other but not damage each other while I'm at work today. I have two pens now and will spilt them up when we get the coop built for them next weekend, but in the meantime, they can get to know each other through the fence.

While I was driving around and about in the country, I spotted a place with even more chooks and stopped for a look over the fence. A small child and a dog spotted me and soon Dad came over to see what was happening. I said I had stopped to admire his chickens and he invited me into have a look.

One thing lead to another and I ended up ordering two Plymouth Rocks (creamy sometimes speckled) eggs and two Barnelevers (Dark Brown Eggs) from him. He turned out to be a Hertiage Choook breeder!!!!

So I have a few more chookies coming in the next month or so and I think my flock will be complete... Although I did spot a Maran and I know they lay super dark brown eggs... So maybe there is room for one more....

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