Saturday, 29 December 2012

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?!

Just before Christmas I got a call saying my wee Barnevelder chick was ready to pick up and so we made the hours drove out to the breeder and picked up wee Autumn. Once I got her home I realised just how big her sister was compared to her. In fact we were still calling Dusk "bubbychook" when it turns out she is the second biggest chook in the pen!

Dusk at about 5 months is going to be a beautiful large soft feather chookie.

Not the best comparisum - but she is bigger than the bantam and the arucana as well.

And this is her wee sister, Autumn! Recently arrived and ensconced in the isolation pen close enough to see the big chooks but not close enough to share any illnesses!

And then on the Friday after Christmas when I was at work - the teenager called to say that there was something wrong with one of the chooks and I had to come home and see if it needed to go to the vet.

When I got home (I was more or less on my way anyway) He presented me with this!

No cause for alarm - Just my first green/blue egg from one of my 'Carna's!

I think the egg is out of Misty (left) rather than Breeze (right) as she is bigger, mature enough and been playing house more often... When we get two green eggs, it might be clearer, who is laying what! 

So many eggs - so many colours!

A storm outside, pretty eggs and a camera inside and so much fun to be had!

The answer to the question? - Why the chicken of course, by six days!


livingsimplyfree said...

I have never seen a blue/green egg before! With your egg colors you could have colored eggs without coloring them for Easter!!

Practical Frog said...

Yes! I could! The brown chookies will lay really dark brown eggs. It will be fun when they come on line! - K xx

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