Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Link to a free 2013 planning meditation!

For quite a number of years I have subscribed to the meditainment website. It has a large number of twenty minute guided meditations that I have found really helpful when I'm stressed, tired, or in need of a twenty minute break!

They sent me an email saying that for the next week, their guided meditation that takes you on a walk through the mountains to make important plans for the following year is free for the next week! You can download their meditations and keep them on your computer, MP3 or i-thingamo and listen to them over and over at any time.

My favourites are the oasis in the desert, swimming with the whales and walking around my tropical island. There are also meditations that take you to the spa of relaxation, wandering around a secret garden, kayaking to a meadow and sheltering from a storm in a cosy cabin in the woods (or an igloo!) I enjoy these and thought I would share this link with you - I'm guessing it runs out on 7th of January.

Have a look, relax, listen - Enjoy!

The website: or go straight to the free meditation

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