Friday, 15 March 2013

Dropping off stuff to your second hand shop!

I'm a big fan of the Second Hand or Op shop!

A huge amount of what I wear, have in my kitchen, use in my house is from a second hand shop. I think they are great on so many levels.I like the fact that I am saving money. I like that my money is going to a charity and not adding to the profits of some already very rich people. I thinks its great that I can save a few things from landfill and meet some wonderful people all at the same time.

As well as being a regular shopper at our five local second hand shops, I drop off all the de-cluttering that I do. Having a clean out of the cupboards in the kitchen - off to the op shop. Wardrobe a bit full? Off to the op shop. A book cull? Off to the Op shop!

I had a chat to the drop off guy the other day and he gave a me few tip to make everyone's life easier...

Here's what he said to do...

First, he said - ask your self... Is this sellable or is it rubbish?
If its clothing with a stain, tear or mark on it then rip it up and pop it in your rag bag at home. They get enough rags with out getting excited about one or two extras.

Secondly - choose your time to drop off. I was going in on Mondays after I had had a clean out in the weekend and was being turned away. I tried popping in on Saturday morning as soon as I had had my wee clean out and again was being sent away as they were "full". It took a conversation to find out that they get soooooo much garage sale leftovers that they start turning stuff away on a Friday and Saturday to make room for the weekend influx. Their donation bins will be overflowing on Monday and they aren't able to sort and process any more.

The best day to deliver? Wednesday! Most of the weekends stuff is sorted and they are ready for more!

My man at the back door also asks that we sort the bits and pieces before we get there. Books in one bag. Kitchen stuff in another. Clothes sorted into Men's, Woman's and Children also help them to sort. If you use the supermarket bags and DON'T tie them in a knot then its the right size and weight for most people at the shop to handle and they can reuse the bags.

A bag of bags always goes down well as well!

And what to do with the bits that are a bit dodgy? Try the tip shop. Our council runs a shop from the dump that take the potentially re-sellable bits and pieces from your load before you dump it and sells it at incredibly cheap prices to the public Wed-Sun. If your council does this then let the charities pick through your load and then wander up to the dump later with the rest. Our isn't fussy and takes it all.

So to make your op shop donations easier for every one. Lots of small bags of sorted, sellable gear delivered on a Wednesday is the way to go!

Happy donating!

Score card: 
Green-ness: 5/5 for doing the right thing in so many ways!
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for supporting enterprises that keep perfectly good stuff from going to landfill.
Time cost: No extra time - just organisation
Skill level: Arrive with a load rather than leave with a load...
Fun -ness: Great fun to declutter, donate and save the planet - all in one hit!

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