Thursday, 4 July 2013

Identifying dooner (or duvet) inner sizes without pulling the linen cupboard to pieces!

I know that there are people out there who manage to keep their linen cupboard all neat and tidy, year after year, to the envy of people like me - who don't!

I have a friend who has a linen cupboard that looks like a shop display with it all colour sorted and displayed in categories divided into boys, girls, Mum/Dad and Guest room. - I'm not like that at all.

When we moved rooms a while ago, I had 10 years worth of linen collecting to decide what to do with... I was great at culling the excess donner covers and pillow cases (you'd think I was running a hotel with all the linen I had collected!) and donated a huge amount of them to the local second hand shop.

One of the issues that I have is that when I am looking for a certain size dooner inner I cant tell what size it is until I open it out and then I fold it back up and put it on the top of the pile and, within minutes, I have mixed up my neat piles into a mess.

This needed a solution! Here's what I did...

First I started by storing the covers, sheets and pillow cases in the room they are used in. There is a spare set in each room for each bed now, and that's all. If I really, really need another cover for some reason I can always go down to the second hand shop and pick up another cover set for under $10! I know there is plenty there that go with my decor!

Then I stored all the spare doone inners in the cupboard- we have no need for dooners in the summer, just the covers but need a couple each in the winter, depending on which country you are from and how much you feel the cold!

Of course, a bunch of white inners all folded up nice and neatly look like any size... so I simply marked each corner on each side with the size.

I used a laundry pen so it wont wash off.

Obviously, Q is for Queen, D for Double and S is for single.

This means that if I can see a corner, I know what it is without having to heave it out of its place in the pile to unfold it, discover its not the right size and then to fold it back up and (not) put it neatly back in its place. So far this is working as I am only hauling out the one that I need not the ones that I don't need!

Simple but very effective!

Score card:
Green-ness: Hmmm - cant find a green angle here but anything that saves time and stress is surely a green thing?
 Frugal-ness: Cost me nothing - saves me a huge amount of frustration!
 Time cost: About an hour to empty and sort my whole cupboard and a minute to mark each dooner inner!
 Skill level: Single letter writing!
 Fun -ness: Great fun to know at a glance what I'm looking at in that sea of white!

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