Friday, 30 May 2014

How to feed fish can juice to chickens!

When I make my lunches for the week, I usually decant a large can of Tuna into smaller containers and add flavours to them. The "juice" from the cans was going down the sink. A friend of mine said she pops it in her plant pots and another into the compost bucket.

The cat turned her nose up at it but the chickens showed a lot of interest in it... I popped it out in a bowl on the ground but they fought over it and spilt it. I wondered if there was a better way!

And there is -  Here's what I did...

Take the crust from the ends of the loaves you are turning into sanwiches

Open the can of fish...

And drain the juice onto the crusts!

Voila! Drained tuna for my lunch, Fish juice laden crusts for the chickens!
Everyone is happy! (Except the tuna...)

I had a bit more juice than would soak into the two crust and I used a left over piece of bread to soak it up with. The crust just ripped up and went onto the lawn but the bread turned into mush. So if you are going to use bread rather than the crusts, pop it into a container to move it from the bench to the pen. Otherwise you will have a mess to clean up when the bread falls apart on you as you pick it up!!

The chookies get all those nutrients and minerals in the fish juice, I get nice dry tuna to flavour, the can goes in the recycling and the crusts got to a good home! Not a bad win win for us all.

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for making every component useful!
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for free chicken tonic!
Time cost: 10 seconds to make up, a minute to walk to the pen and less than 30 seconds for the chookies to gobble it all up!
Skill level: None really...?
Fun -ness: Love watching my chookies get excited about a special treat!

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