Friday, 3 April 2015

Adding ribbon markers to a notebook...

I have a note book that I carry everywhere with me. Along with my daily diary, its one of my most useful possessions. Known in our house as "The Book of Lists", I write my perpetual to do list in it, crossing off each item as I do it (or realise I am never going to do it...) I also track my spending in it, write up my monthly menu plan, have a master shopping list in it, a books to read list, up to date work rosters, Christmas present list, when to expect bills calendar... I think you get the idea! I don't have the greatest memory and I find this invaluable for remembering things I needed to do, things I buy regularly and what's for dinner tonight!

The Book itself is very unprepossessing this time, sometimes I get excited and decorate the cover but this time I was in a hurry to replace it as the last one was really on its last legs and about to fall completely apart - so when a friend offered this one from her stash of note books - I took it and transferred everything I needed into it and continued on my merry way.

However, the last book of lists had five separate inserts separating the book into sections and this one had a single ribbon marker. I've been using this book for a couple of months (that's why is still looks in good condition) but I am getting frustrated by having to flick back and forth looking for the section I want so I decided that I needed to add a few markers to it...

Here's what I did...

I found a couple of  pieces of ribbon of different colours and using standard sticky tape, lifted the cover and stuck it down along the spine.

I stuck the second colour over the top of the first and flattened them as much as I could.

The original cream ribbon seems to be part of the binding of the pages and then the book was put into a cover so these ones are a little bulky along the spine at the moment.

Then I turned the book over and pulled the ribbons to where I wanted them to be.

I waited until I had them in the right place before I cut them to length. Much easier to make them shorter than to make them longer!

 And there you have it! Two new markers so I can flip straight to the three pages I use the most - the Perpetual to do list, the Menu plan and the "What I've spent today list".

I considered putting in cardboard tags or even whole pages to divide to the book up but decided that this was quicker and simpler. Having just learnt about Occam's razor, I decided to go with the simplest solution!

From Wikipedia:  The principle states that among competing hypotheses that predict equally well, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove to provide better predictions, but—in the absence of differences in predictive ability—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better. (or in my case, the easier and quicker it is to make, with the least parts, the better!)

I saw these paper clip book marks and thought they were wonderful but possibly a bit much for a book I carry everywhere, and I also found these lovely ribbon book marks on Pintrest that are I am coveting big time right now! Mine was a simple solution for a practical problem - I'll make crafty ones like these for presents for people who love reading books.

If you have seen a solution to marking pages in book (Cook books spring to mind) pop a link to it in the comments section below!

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for finding a solution that used materials I already had 
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for not having to spend a cent!
Time cost: Maybe two minutes - including putting everything away!
Skill level: Cutting and sticking (my favourite!)
Fun-ness: So much less stressful to be able to find the page I want when I want it!


Gingi Freeman said...

Love the idea! Ever since I've had a toddler running around my house destroying, well, EVERYTHING, I have had to dispense with cookbooks and have been putting important lists, books on my phone. Which I hate because I LOVE me some old fashioned books. haha.

Anyhoo, great blog and great post! I found your blog through a Sustainable Bloggers Link Up site and wanted to stop by and say hi!! Just trying to connect with some like minded bloggers!

It would totally make my day if you stopped by my page and said hi sometime! Or better yet, keep in touch! <3 -

Practical Frog said...

Hi Gingi! - I will certainly pop over and say hi! Its always good to make contact with likeminded people! - K x

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