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Making a Christmas Wreath out of paper doileys!

I like to hang a wreath on the front door at Christmas time! I usually "redecorate" the same wreath base over and over each year depending on my Christmas colours... actually depending on my mood and inclination - actually, really, depending on how much time I have!

I had seen in a library book somewhere, sometime (when it wasn't anywhere near Christmas) a wreath made of paper doilies and had photocopied it thinking I was super organised for Christmas. Of course when I got out my instructions last week, I discovered that I had very neatly copied the picture but only half the instructions!

Not being in possession of a photographic memory (unless I am having a fight with my husband) I had a quick look around the internet and then decided it really wasn't that hard to do without them!

All you need is one of those wire wreath bases (I got mine from Spotlight for about $7), a set of battery powered lights with batteries included ($3 from Big W plus batteries), about 40-50…

How do I know if my chickens are eating their eggs?

Sometimes, eggs just disappear...

You know you saw some in the nest when you fed the chooks first thing and then, when you go to collect the eggs and lock the chookies up for the night, some or all of your eggs have simply vanished!

Its so incredibly frustrating... The more often you collect the eggs, the more chance you have of getting them no matter why they are disappearing though. Collecting the eggs as often as you can may also help you figure out who the culprit is - one of the chooks or un unwelcome guest.

I have got the fright of my life as a big black crow flew out of the nesting box when I opened it one time and chased a scrub turkey out of the sleeping part of the coop - she was on her way into the nesting box to eat the eggs when I finally spotted the right culprit.

So there is a chance that snakes, rats, crows, turkeys, your dog or some other yet to be identified animal is eating the eggs - not one of your chooks.  It can take a while to figure out who the egg eater is -…

Making your own tea bags from coffee filters at home!

I have been making flavoured black teas for a while and for Christmas I wanted to give some away as gifts. While I like the ritual of boiling the kettle, getting out all the tea paraphernalia and concocting my brew to suit my mood, I realise that not all my friends and family like to go to that much trouble.

They prefer the speed and conveyance of the tea bag - so taking the path of least resistance I decided to have a go at making my own tea bags - especially for them - as I very rarely use them!

Its a bit complicated, fiddly and hard to explain but read through the whole post so you can see how each step leads to the end product... Once you get it though, you've got it!

Here's what I did...

I bought these at the local supermarket for about $2.50 Each filter made one bag so if you know how many bags you want to make you'll know how many filter packs to buy! I only had a choice of this packet or nothing so I thought I'd bring it home and experiment.

I wanted to get a…
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